Video Content Marketing Solutions

Achieve powerful video messaging and maximum reach and engagement. Click on the play button to watch a video highlighting the video services for marketers available from your association and Naylor.

Benefits to Marketers

Sight, Sound & Motion: Use video to tell your story and engage your target market.

Authentic Brand Alignment: Tell your story on OADSP TV+, in social media and outbound marketing with our Video Everywhere! Platform. Your branded video provides immediate awareness, authenticity, and trust to your video message.

Maximize Reach: We make it simple and effective to place to your video everywhere your target market spends their time. Your video can be placed in a multitude of mediums, from your website, to outbound marketing materials, emails, social media, and QR codes in print ads and brochures.

Convert Visitors into Leads, and Leads into Sales:All video platforms include an embed code, and two click-through banners (IAB Standard: 120 x 140 pixels, 300 x 250 pixels and 468 x 60 pixels) to make it easier for the viewer to learn more, register and buy.

Our Video Everywhere! Player