• The Making of Blue Spectrum

    For Zayne Harshaw, a talented young musician with autism, music provides a pathway to communication, connection, and community. With an unwavering passion and the support of his family, Mr. Harshaw leads his band, Blue Spectrum, to new heights,... more

  • What Shaped Me: Bethany Toledo

    OADSP Executive Director Bethany Toledo shares what shaped her DSP career in this short video from the "What Shaped Me" series. Do you have a story about what shaped you that we can add to the series? Contact us at inquiries@oadsp.org.

  • INSocial Risk Advisors Presents: Calcium and...

    Emily Block, a Nutrition & Dietetics Technician, Registered (NDTR), helps re-examine your approach to liquid intake, highlighting the important partnership between Calcium and Vitamin D and the harm caused by sugary drinks.

  • WEBINAR: Dealing with Workplace Anxiety: How to...

    Author and therapist Nancy Jane Smith guides DSPs through “Dealing with Workplace Anxiety: How to Manage the Spread of Anxiety.”

  • DSP & Supervisor Councils: Connecting to the Big Pic...

    Join OADSP's DSP Council or Frontline Supervisor Council, and gain connections providing perspective, resources, and solutions. Learn more, and apply here!

  • Tony Muhlenkamp's Story

    Through a partnership between Edison University and Capabilities, Inc., Mr. Tony Muhlenkamp has seen his life transform.