• We’re Working For A Living!

    It's one of the most exciting months of the year, and Silfies Media has helped to highlight the amazing things people in the I/DD community are accomplishing.

  • DSPs Are Heroes

    We all know, but does everyone know? Silfies Media helps spread the word with the greatest hero-unmasking of all time!

  • Make A Move Today

    Silfies Media is forwarding the message of meaningful work to a new niche: males.

  • Interview With The Shredder

    Silfies Media captures an exclusive conversation with guitarist, band-leader, and all-around fascinating fellow, Zayne Harshaw, of BLUE SPECTRUM.

  • Spooky Season Is For Everyone

    In this timely reminder from Silfies Media, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to enjoy the tricks-and-treats of the season!

  • 2022 Direct Leadership Certificate 2.0: Open Door’s Team-Building Day

    In this recap, you can see employees of Open Door Columbus experiencing "Team-Building Day," part of OADSP’s Direct Leadership Certificate (DLC), a months-long... more

  • 2022 ADVANCE Partnership Summit: RECAP

    Wondering what all the buzz is about? Enjoy this recap of the 2022 ADVANCE Partnership Summit, brought to you by the ADVANCE Think Tank, of which OADSP is a primary... more

  • July 2022: JAMMING FOR DSPs

    Enjoy these highlights! - and if you weren't there, make sure you plan to JAM with us Summer 2023!

  • Introducing: DSP-U

    Part of OADSP's mission and vision is to "educate, elevate, and empower" DSPs - and it's easier to do that when we start early! Enjoy this short introduction to DSP-U,... more

  • Out of the Mouths of Babes…

    This video showcases 5th-grade students at Licking County's Granville Intermediate School in Ohio. Their teacher plans a year-long unit on disabilities, and every month... more

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