This brief video photo album highlights just what a fantastic time OADSP's DASH TO NASHVILLE travelers enjoyed! A first-of-its-kind addition to our Beat The Winter Blues... more

  • 2022 Beat The Winter Blues: Canvas & Cocoa

    Enjoy learning how to paint a beach scene as part of OADSP's 2022 BTWB Series event, "Canvas & Cocoa." Hosted by Open Door Art Studio & Gallery and with guidance... more

  • 2023 Beat The Winter Blues: Sneak A Snack!

    Help beat the winter blues by enjoying this snack recipe - something a little sweet and a lotta healthy - that makes the most of your busy schedule without sacrificing a... more

  • DSPs Are Heroes

    We all know, but does everyone know? Silfies Media helps spread the word with the greatest hero-unmasking of all time!

  • Make A Move Today

    Silfies Media is forwarding the message of meaningful work to a new niche: males.

  • 2022 Direct Leadership Certificate 2.0: Open Door’s Team-Building Day

    In this recap, you can see employees of Open Door Columbus experiencing "Team-Building Day," part of OADSP’s Direct Leadership Certificate (DLC), a months-long... more

  • July 2022: JAMMING FOR DSPs

    Enjoy these highlights! - and if you weren't there, make sure you plan to JAM with us Summer 2023!

  • Introducing: DSP-U

    Part of OADSP's mission and vision is to "educate, elevate, and empower" DSPs - and it's easier to do that when we start early! Enjoy this short introduction to DSP-U,... more

  • 2022 Summit: RECAP!

    Hope, Health, and Happiness was all around, all day long, and you can feel it in this short recap from Silfies Media. Thank you to all who made this day so memorable, so... more

  • 2022 Summit: It’s Time to ACT

    Members of OADSP's DSP and Supervisor Councils, along with Executive Director Bethany Toledo, share personal stories and the value of "ACT"-ing. To review just the... more

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